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Renting a luxurious prom limo service is the greatest way to start and end your prom night by rolling up in style to your party with our prom limo selection. Stay safe and in style as you travel to and from your prom after parties! Our Los Angeles Prom Limo Service offers the latest in prom limousine models for your big night, including Hummers, Escalades, Excursions, and Chryslers. Our prom limo service is offered in LA County and the surrounding cities. All chauffeurs are personable and professional, ensuring that you will have a wonderful and safe prom limo ride. 


Prom Limousine Service

Prom Limo Rental Tips

Since prom limousine rentals in Los Angeles are in high demand during prom season, plan to book yours early. Two to three weeks before prom should give you enough time to make prom limo rental arrangements. LA prom limo rentals are much more affordable if reserved in advance. Our Los Angeles prom limousine rates are competitive even when booked last minute. That does not mean one should wait till the night before the party to rent a prom limo ride.    

Our suitable Los Angeles prom limousines come in all shapes and sizes. Prom Hummer limos are quite popular for prom transportation in LA, but of course it's your prom night and you get to choose your prom limos. First, your choice of prom limousine rental will primarily depend on how many prom attendees will ride along in your prom limo. Figuring out exactly how many passengers will share your prom limo ride will filter out all unsuitable limo choices in terms of size and will set the base for your prom limousine service rate. Next, having figured out your base prom limo service rate you can decide on your luxury limo options. A super-stretch limo will hold 20-30 passengers; for a standard stretch limo, 10-12 passengers is plenty.

Our trained prom limo chauffeurs are seasoned, professional, and veteran prom limo drivers, wary of prom night limo transportation nuances. Their duty as your designated Los Angeles prom limo drivers is to primarily ensure your safety and peace of mind. They will arrive on-time to pick you up with your desired prom limo, wait patiently while you take photos,  and will drive you to your prom party in style. Your prom limousine driver will wait outside to take you to any planned after-parties. 
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