1. How can I receive a limo service quote?
You can check the limo rates on our website or call our office at 1-888-477-0333 and one of our agents will be more than happy to assist you.
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2. Can I make my reservation online?
Yes, click on the secure reservations page on the website and fill out the information. In a short time you will receive your confirmation either by email or phone call.
Reservation Form
3. How do I confirm my reservation?
We will always call or email you a confirmation and a thank you note short time. In any event if you did not received an email or call from us, please contact us through our contact form or call our office at 1-888-477-0333 to be sure we received your information correctly.
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4. Could I have a corporate charge account with Los Angeles Limo?
Yes, please email us through our contact form or call us at 1-888-477-0333 for more information.
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5. How can I be sure that the car I get will be clean and operative?
Communication is maintained with the chauffeurs at all times during service via a two-way radio system. Every chauffeur is equipped with an immediate response Nextel cellular telephone with nationwide service. Furthermore, all vehicles are equipped with a GPS system so we have constant contact of the vehicle's whereabouts and speed at all times.

The fleet maintenance is performed by our staff of ASE certified mechanics on monthly and mileage schedules that cover over 168 safety and functional performance tests to assure that every vehicle is always kept in "top-notch" electro/mechanical condition and reassuring safety standards. A team of professional detailers performs their duties on a specified daily detailing schedule. The entire fleet is detailed bumper to bumper on a weekly basis including a complete waxing of the exteriors and shampooing and conditioning of the interiors as well as daily washings and detailing as necessary.

By adhering to the maintenance schedules established we can always assure our clients that each and every vehicle will always be in "show room" condition.
6. What method of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and cash.
7. Do I need to have a credit cards to make a reservation?
Yes, you do need a valid credit card to hold the reservation.
8. What areas do you service?
We service all of Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. 
9. Where will my driver meet me at the airport?
LosAngelesLimo.com offers two ways to be picked up. Convenient curb-side pick-up is available. The second options is that we meet you in the baggage claim area, however this is for an additional fee. In both cases the driver will meet you with your name on a sign.
10. Is it more expensive to get picked up at the airport?
Yes, there are a lot of more rules, regulations and parking fees for airport area services.
11. If my flight number happens to change should I let you know?
Please call our office at 1-888-477-0333 and let us know right away so we can inform our driver of the changes.
12. Does my time start at the pick up time?
Yes and ends at the end drop off, unless it is not local and is out of our area. 
13. Is there a minimum hour requirement?
Yes, Sunday through Thursday there is a 3 hour minimum. Friday & Saturday there is a 4 hour minimum. Hourly minimum may vary during special events, busy days, holidays seasons and peak periods.
14. What kind of limousines/vehicles does your company have?
We have all kinds of vehicles Sedans, Chrysler limousine, Lincoln Stretch Limousines, SUV Stretch Escalade, H2 Hummers, H3 Hummer, Excursions and Navigator and limo buses. 
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15. What amenities come in the limousine?
Our limousines are equipped with the latest amenities, Some SUV and stretch limos may vary on how they are equipped, please click on button below for more information.
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16. What kind of drinks are in the vehicles?
We provide complimentary liquor or champagne and soft drinks with ice and napkins. Please let the reservation agent know what you prefer. Please Note: Alcoholic drinks are provided if all members of the party are at least 21 years old.
17. Is there a charge for the drinks?
There is no charge for the drinks inside the vehicle.
18. Can I be absolutely certain that my chauffeur will be well qualified?
All LosAngelesLimo.com chauffeurs are trained and a complete reference check is made on their driving record to ensure there have been no violations, arrests or convictions along with a reference check on work ethic, attitude and professionalism. Proper licensing in accordance with the PUC and DMV is mandatory for all chauffeurs. The DMV monitors our chauffeurs with a pull notice program. In the event that there is any activity on a chauffeurs driving record we are notified immediately to address and correct the issue. Furthermore, all chauffeurs employed by Los Angeles Limo are subject to random drug testing. An on-going training program is in effect along with motivational programs geared at keeping the level of service offered to our clients clearly focused, professional and absolutely committed to your complete satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best chauffeurs in the industry.
19. When will I be expected to pay for your service?
For corporate accounts: you will sign the ticket and will be billed on the charged account.

For credit cards customers: You will be charged a minimum deposit fee of $150.00 on your credit card at the time of reservation and we will get approval authorization on the remaining balance, we may charge you with in the week or at the time of the pick up.

For cash customers: You will be charged a minimum deposit fee of $150.00 on your credit card at the time of reservation and an approved authorization will be run for the remaining balance, at the pick up time you may pay the driver the remaining balance in cash, and we will no further charge the remaining balance on your credit card.
20. Do I have to pay for parking fees or other incidental fees?
Yes, you are responsible for all additional fees such as parking or any other additional costs or services.
21. Do you charge for each stop?
If you are reserving as an as directed order, you won't have to pay for stops. With our flat rates (Sedan) to the Airport, there will be a minimum $10.00 charge for immediate stop or on the way stops, within 5 miles radius, and $20.00 charge if it's within 7 miles radius. Although sometimes to reduce complication the flat rate may simply change to an hourly rate.
22. How does driver gratuity work?
Driver gratuity is based on your satisfaction of your experience, and it would be greatly appreciated.
23. Are there any additional fees?
Please refer to our rate and policy site. Hourly rates may vary during special events, busy days, holidays and peak periods. Some restrictions may apply. Prices are due to change at any notice.

Please call us for rates for other destinations. Airport pickups incur an additional $10 charge.

Please add 3 hours each way for Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and San Diego trips. 3 minimum of hours during Sunday thru Friday and 4 hours on Saturdays is required, on some special events days or holiday season we may require more minimum of hours.

Tolls, Parking and Gratuity is not included. Traveling fees may be applicable in some area.
24. Can I request a certain driver?
You can put in a request for a certain driver and we will do everything possible to process your request.
25. Can I make a special request?
With advance notice you can make a special request and we will do our best to fulfill your request.
26. What are the terms and conditions?
All money is to be collected at the beginning of the run. All over time must be reserved with prior booking from the main office. All limousines are booked for specific times, and must be returned on time for maintenance, cleaning and to be prepared and depart for the next client.

Please notify the office for over time availability, we would do our best to assist your needs if possible. Over time with out prior booking is not authorized. Any overtime will be billed at the prevailing rate. All overtime will be billed in 1-hour increments. Client waives any/all claims of liability, loss, injury, damage, or theft. No hanging out of the sunroof is permitted. Doing so will lead to immediate termination of the run with no refunds. Client accepts full liability for client, client's guests, and/or client affiliations. Client is responsible for any and all damages to the vehicle. Damages will be charged as follows: $400 vomiting, $550 each cigarette burn, $400 gum/glitter on the carpet, $45 each broken/missing glass. Los Angeles Limo cannot be held responsible in any way for traffic conditions, flight delay, mechanical difficulty, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Please refer to our policies for more terms and conditions.
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27. What is the reservation cancellation policy?
We will book the limousine for you and we will no further advertise it for any one, therefore there is no cancellation.

Client authorizes Los Angeles Limo to charge the credit card on file at the time of booking and agrees that if the reservation is canceled for any reason prior to, or during the run, that no refund will be issued. There are no exceptions to this policy. If the run is ended early, no refund will be provided, as the complete fee amount is deemed earned upon payment. Please refer to our policies for more terms and conditions.
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28. Could I smoke in the Limousines?
No, the entire fleet of LosAngelesLimo.com are strictly non-smoking vehicles. If during a charter the client choose to smoke, our chauffeurs are instructed to, and will locate a safe area where the client(s) can exit from the vehicle and smoke out side of the vehicle. Please refer to our policies for more terms and conditions.
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